Coagulation analyzers

Coagulation analyzer

Coagulation tests are becoming common and routine in the clinical laboratory. They are mainly applied to the pre-operative examination, the pre-thrombosis examination and the monitoring of clinical oral anticoagulants patients. It's requested to test.

PT/INR, TT, APTT and FIB before patient surgery. ACT is an effective indicator for detecting the anticoagulant effect of heparin and one of the most effective mean to ensure the safety and success of surgery. 

A coagulation analyzer is used to quickly and easily measure blood platelet levels. The Coagulation Analyzer is a device for automated blood analysis and inquiry. It is frequently used to determine whether a patient has a draining problem. Coagulation machines are also utilized in hospitals for procedures including treating blood coagulation and reviewing and repairing clots. A coagulation analyzer is designed to handle a large number of patients, with each one capable of storing up to 600 patient tests. Coagulation analyzers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including mechanical impedance, electromagnetic field changes, and photometric changes. 

Some feature of coagulations analyzer

• LED technology ought to be preferred to conventional halogen bulbs.

• Photo-optical clot detecting technology is the most recent advancement in coagulation analyzer technology.

• A gadget with no moving parts and no need for maintenance is ideal.

• Touch screen coagulation analyzers are now readily available.

• An option for printer connectivity should be provided.

• It considerably reduces the price of each test, enabling patients to pay lower costs.

Use of a coagulation analyzer

• A coagulation analyzer can be used to measure the thrombin and thromboplastin levels as well as the rate of the coagulation pathway.

• Because patient health information is important, coagulation systems include built-in quality control and security lockout features to assure safe and secure use.

• Devices known as coagulation analyzers are capable of identifying coagulation factors in blood samples.

• Coagulation analyzers are rapid and simple pieces of equipment that can evaluate several aspects of blood coagulation in samples.

Coagulation analyzer types

Several kinds of Coagulation Analyzer exist. Below is a list of the different kinds of Coagulation analyzers for fast reference.

Fully automated coagulation analyzer

This coagulation analyzer is a device that automatically checks clotting. It can be used for clinical examinations and pre-operative screening. This kind of coagulation apparatus employs a clotting, chromogenic technique to evaluate plasma clotting. According to the instrument, the clotting measurement value is the clotting time. The clotting test works on the theory of measuring the oscillation of the ball's amplitude fluctuation.

• A moving sample probe, a cleaning unit, movable cuvettes, a heating and cooling unit, and a test unit make up these coagulation analyzer machines.

• A thorough examination and test are performed on the fully automated analyzer.

• The coagulation analyzer may use the ball's motion to calculate the clotting time.

Automated coagulation analyzer

These coagulation analyzers offer random access, are small and intelligent. It is used in immunologic, chromogenic, and clotting tests. These coagulation machines have an easy-to-use touch screen display and are very simple to operate. regularly occurring high throughput assays.

This system has the advantages of being a real walk-away system, simple programming, and labor savings. It can be used to quickly assess the effectiveness of platelet medicines and provide dosage recommendations.

• In a matter of seconds, it can determine the purpose of residual platelet aggregation and calculate the risk of thrombosis.

• These coagulation analyzers offer random access, and the touch screen displays a on these instruments are user-friendly.

Semi-automated coagulation analyzer

These coagulation analyzers are used to determine blood coagulation factors in medical treatment, scientific research, and educational settings.

The detecting method utilized by coagulation analyzers is photo-optical. These coagulation analyzers should be used since they employ photo-optical detection techniques.

This type of coagulation machine is the ideal option for a lab because it can measure the amplitude of fluctuations.

• It gauges the activation of partial thromboplastin time (APTT), thrombin time, and prothrombin time (PT) (TT).

• Reagent pre-heating, magnetic stirring, automatic printing, temperature accumulation, time indication, and other duties can be completed by semi-automated coagulation analyzers.

Coagulation Analyzer from the top online brands

The brands involved are: Horiba, Siemes, Roches, Sysmexs, Medtronic, COVIDIENE, Maquet, Drager, Hamilton, Mindray, Madison, Ulite, BOWA, Wonfu and other well-known brands. If buying a coagulation analyzer online is on your mind, visit Hospitals Store to browse the top manufacturers, like these: 

1. Coagulation analyzer from Horiba 

These coagulation devices are made to carry out screening tests for hemostasis in little labs. It boasts a creative yet user-friendly user interface. Bar code reading capabilities, external data storage, and ready-to-use reagent assays for chromogenic, immunology, and clotting.

Measurement channels using nephelometry and turbidimetry are combined.

2. Coagulation analyzer from Sysmex

These coagulation analyzers are designed to simplify coagulation testing. It is more reliable and dependable. Coagulation testing is made simple with an integrated timer, temperature control, and auto-start and timing of the measuring procedure. They have pre-programmed techniques, making them easy to use. It makes use of an automated mechanism for adjusting light intensity. Use a sophisticated standard curve tool to maintain accuracy and precision. This type of analyzer machine improved throughput due to its short incubation period.

3. Coagulation analyzer by Mindray

These coagulations are a straightforward procedure that successfully holds the test item, the data, and the manifestation dynamic state curve. The bottom strategy is a quick, precise, and reliable adoption that may evaluate the flat blood. Four sets of contrast diagram text data can be produced by this coagulation analyzer device.

4. Coagulation analyzer from Stago

These coagulation analyzers are built on the most reliable platform available in the market. The stago coagulation analyzer is a high-throughput, reliable analyzer. It is the ideal system for laboratories with a medium size. The system's unique sample management system speeds up the processing of STAT samples and decreases the instrument's time to result. This coagulation machine software comes with full auto-verification, reflex testing, automated maintenance logs, and TAT monitoring.

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