DNA Sequencing and DNA Sequencers / Genetic Analyzers


ICEN Portable Channels Thermal Cycler Pcr Test Kit Rapid Pcr System Dna, Rna Real Time Quantitative Pcr Test Machine

Automated DNA Sequencing

DNA sequencing is the molecular biology technique that determines the precise order of nucleotide bases- adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine, in a given template, or fragment, of DNA. Sequencing is used by researchers in molecular biology or genetics laboratories to further scientific progress or is used clinically to make medical treatment decisions and aid in genetic counselling.

The Maxim-Gilbert and Sanger manual techniques are used by smaller scale laboratories. The 1970’s technologies of Sanger’s chain termination, and Maxim, were improved upon and automated with ABI’s fully automated sequencing machine in 1987. 

Since that time sequencing has gotten faster and cheaper; next generation sequencing has taken it to the level of complete genome sequencing in a matter of hours. 

Advances in automated sequencing equipment allowed the Human Genome Project to be completed ahead of schedule. Laboratories requiring higher throughput, longer sequence reads and faster turnaround times can utilize automated sequencers which process 96 or 384 samples at one time. 

Considerations for sequencing equipment and reagents include the size and complexity of the DNA template, the required turnaround time, the validation process, the laboratory space and budget available, and the number of samples to be processed. Advances in sequencing provide for an appropriate technology for small, medium and high-throughput sequencing requirements.

DNA Sequencers / Genetic Analyzers

Genetic analyzers are automated equipment that can analyze DNA fragments or sequence DNA for a range of purposes. DNA fragments attached to probes move through a polymer in capillary electrophoresis-based systems, where the fluorescence emissions are recorded. In a practical 96-well microplate format, sample loading is made possible by an array of many capillaries. For quick sequencing, other analyzers use pyrosequencing technology. 

Applications of DNA Analyzer

Applications including Sanger sequencing, genotyping, mutation studies, methylation, and SNP and STR profiling are particularly well suited for these devices. Think about things like the necessary applications and acceptable throughput when choosing a genetic analyzer. 

The DNA analyzer can be used for the following:

1. Forensic science

Forensic scientists frequently use molecular techniques, especially gene sequencing. To summarize, a DNA analyzer will significantly reduce the time required for DNA sequencing by replacing the majority of the manual labor that was previously performed. The risk of pollution spreading will be reduced as well. A DNA sampler can also be used to evaluate isolated DNA sequences.

2. studying microorganisms

Gene analysis of bacteria and viruses is a common method for studying microorganisms. As a result, a DNA analyzer can be an excellent substitute for several hours of manual labor.

3. Cancer-related research laboratories

The ability of the DNA sampler to detect genetic mutations will be invaluable in determining the underlying cause of cancer in laboratories specializing in cancer research.

4. DNA profiling

If blood is found at a crime scene, DNA profiling is performed. From Jeffrey's discovery of DNA fingerprinting to the development of PCR of STRs to the formation of DNA databases, our knowledge of DNA and DNA profiling have expanded greatly. Also, the applications for which we use DNA profiling have increased. DNA profiling has expanded to encompass paternity testing, disaster victim identification, monitoring bone marrow transplants, detecting fetal cells in a mother's blood, tracing human history, and a multitude of other areas. 

Principles of DNA Analyzer Operation/ How DNA Analyzer Work

Sequencing and analyzing DNA fragments of various sizes is done using a DNA analyzer using capillary electrophoresis.

After inserting a cathode into the sample and applying an electric field, the negatively charged DNA began to move up the capillary towards the anode.

Because smaller DNA fragments move more swiftly than larger ones, they get to the detector faster. The DNA is connected to a fluorescently-labeled primer. After passing through the detection window, a laser's focused beam of light excites the fluorescent dyes, illuminating the DNA that the fluorescent primers were used to identify.

The wavelength of the excitation light is longer than that of the laser. These photons will enter the CCD (charged-coupled device) detector through the diffraction grating.

To find DNA, CCD uses wavelength technology. An internal size ladder, allelic ladder, and software detect the observed peaks and apply an allele label to the relevant location. The peaks of various fluorescent dyes can be added together to produce an electropherogram.

Advantages of DNA Analyzer

• Faster: DNA analyzers can analyze at least 48 samples with the assistance of only skilled personnel. As a result, it improves the efficiency of scientific research facilities.

• Less time-consuming: It saves time by processing multiple samples with minimal human intervention. It's also automated, so the worker can focus on anything else while the machine is running.

• Large sample processing capacity: The capillary array can process between 48 and 96 samples in parallel, allowing for a higher sample throughput.

• Less cross-contamination: Because robotic sample processing eliminates the need for human intervention, the risk of cross-contamination is reduced.

Using the DNA Analyzer

Calibration and proper setup are critical for effectively using a DNA analyzer. The calibration and initialization of the DNA analyzer consists of the following steps:

How to calibrate a DNA Analyzer

The DNA analyzer is calibrated both spatially and spectrally.

Geometric calibration: The initial calibration of a measuring device is referred to as spatial calibration. The program must be uninstalled and reinstalled for this calibration. It is also done when the instrument is moved or when the capillary and plate are changed.

Spectral calibration: A re-calibration is required when a new dye is introduced, the laser is adjusted, the CCD camera is replaced, abnormal peaks persist, or the plate capillary array is flipped. Calibration with a standard entails passing the standard through each capillary. The matrix from each capillary is approved or denied based on the spectral module of each standard. (The hardware and the module are both included.)

Configuring the Instrument

• Simply insert the appropriate capillary array into the device. After you've placed everything where it needs to be, perform some spatial calibration. Once you've decided on a polymer, insert the polymer-containing bag into the device. 

•  Determine whether there is enough polymer to last the entire cycle.

• Turn the autosampler forward, carefully disassemble each container, and empty the contents into the water and buffer reservoirs. After rinsing (first with deionized water, then with buffer/water) and cleaning (with lint-free clothing), slowly pour in 80 ml of the buffer and water in the appropriate container. By placing the buffer in the appropriate tray, closing the instrument door, and pressing the tray button, the autosampler can be moved to the desired location

Top Selling PCR DNA/RNA Analyzers

1. ICEN Portable 4/5/6 Channels Thermal Cycler PCR Test Kit Rapid PCR System DNA / RNA Real Time Quantitative PCR Test Machine

Nanoparticles that have had DNA or RNA fragments attached to them are used to find the complementary strand in a sample. Once the desired strand has been located, it can undergo PCR amplification, which allows it to be studied more closely. This instruments for direct nucleic acid detection are used in microbiology, cell biology, and cancer research labs to identify gene sequences and when and where gene expression occurs in small tissue samples. How many DNA/RNA strands can be identified at any given time, the sensitivity of the instrument, and the specificity of the tests are all things to consider when choosing analyzer instruments for direct nucleic acid detection.

ICEN Portable Channels Thermal Cycler Pcr Test Kit Rapid Pcr System Dna, Rna Real Time Quantitative Pcr Test Machine

2. B-500 High Quality Biophotometer Laboratory Protein DNA Testing for DNA, RNA, and measure 0.5~2ūl samples 190nm~850nm

B-500 is a new designed model, suit for quick test of DNA, RNA, and Protein.


■ Can measure 0.5~2ūl samples.

■ Quick measure without pre-warm.

■ There is no need to dilute the samples

■ Quick Scan, you can get the scanning curve in only 0.2 seconds.

■ Long life lamps, more than 2000 hours lifetime.

■Software comes standard with the instruments.

3. HC-B016E+ Real Time PCR System DNA Testing Machine PCR Machine

The system uses molecular “barcodes” and single molecule imaging to quantitate up to 800 unique transcripts in a single reaction.
The HC-B016E+ Real Time PCR System offers a simple, cost-effective way to profile hundreds of mRNAs, microRNAs, or DNA targets simultaneously with high sensitivity and precision. The digital quantification of target molecules and high levels of multiplexing eliminate the compromise between data quality and data quantity, producing excellent sensitivity and high reproducibility for studies of hundreds of targets. 


4. Laboratory DNA Analysis Fluorescence Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction PCR Analyzer LineGene K Plus

LineGene K Plus is Bioer latest real time PCR detection system. LineGene K plus has a faster heating and cooling rate, better temperature control accuracy, temperature uniformity and the machine stability with the specially-made Peltier by Ferrotec, advanced optical fiber technology and the bottom detection patent mode. It can be used with Windows Tablet PC.  This new touch screen operation will bring you the ultimate experience of human-computer interaction.

Feature Function  

Absolute Quantification, Relative Quantification, SNP Analysis, Melting Curve Genotyping, Gradient, HRM, Multi-channel Crosstalk Correction, Background Correction, Automatic Gain, Customized Parameters.
Operation System: Microsoft: Windows XP/windows 7/windows 8.1/Windows 10
 PC Configuration, Surface Pro series, PC Laptop

PCR analyzer

5. Laboratory Equipment RT Health Care 96 wells Real Time PCR Machine Instrument

Up to 6 fluorescence detection channels allowing multiplex PCR.  Effectively reduce multi-color crosstalk and edge effect, no ROX correction required. DNA Amplification And Sequencing Machine Real Time PCR Machine. New optical scanning detection system. Innovative scanning method and time-resolved signal separation technology. Unique edge temperature compensation technology. 
User-friendly software. 


6. Lab DNA Testing Real Time PCR Analyzer DNA Test Machine Fully Automated PCR

Adopt long-life Peltier modules for temperature circulators. Engineering reinforced aluminum modules processed by anodic oxidation technology not only retain rapid thermal conductivity, but also have sufficient corrosion resistance. Fast rising and cooling rate, the fastest rising and cooling rate is 5℃/s, saving valuable experiment time. Expansible hot cover, can adapt to different heights of test tubes. Color capacitive touch screen control, high-definition TFT display (5 inches, 800×480 pixels), graphical menu navigation interface, extremely simple operation. Built-in 11 standard program file templates, can quickly edit the required files. The program adopts folder management and can build a directory by itself. Real-time display of program progress and remaining time, supporting the intermediate programming of PCR instrument operation.
One-key rapid incubation function, to meet the needs of denaturation, enzyme digestion/enzyme linkage, ELISA and other experiments. Hot cover temperature and hot cover working mode can be set to meet different experimental needs. Automatic power off protection, automatic execution of incomplete cycle after power supply is restored, to ensure the safe operation of the whole amplification process. USB interface, support U inventory/fetching PCR data, can also use USB mouse control PCR instrument.  Support U disk and LAN update software.
Built-in WIFI module enables one computer or mobile phone to control multiple PCR instruments at the same time through network connection. Support to send email reminder function at the end of the experimental program.

fully-automated-pcr machine

7.  AMAIN Isothermal Amplification System AMH1601 PCR Analyzer DNA Test Machine

AMH1601 Isothermal Amplification System is a Portable isothermal amplification fluorescence instrument developed by Amain company. This product adopts double channels and double 8-well blocks design, which can realize multi-purpose of one machine, embedded 7-inch high-definition TFT color touch screen, win10 operating system, with analysis software, and can complete quantitative analysis and printing report without computer. It adopts American Marlow custom-made peltier module, high sensitivity photoelectric detector and side scan technology, to ensure superior performance and stable detection results.


The product can be used for real time detection in pasture, forest farm, breeding farm and water source. It is used for rapid diagnosis of disaster and epidemic disease, inspection and quarantine in the field of food safety, and scientific research in biological laboratories.


1) Double channels and double 8-well blocks design, can run two different programs at the same time.
2) Small size, light weight, easy to carry.
3) Powerful software analysis function, which can be used for Quantitative Analysis, Melting Curve Analysis, Genotyping, etc.
4) 7-inch high-definition TFT color touch screen, and embedded win10 operating system.
5) 20G flash memory can save 40,000 experimental data.
6) Printer as an optional which can print the records directly, no need to connect the computer.
7) Adopting side scan technology, the detection distance is close, and the fluorescence acquisition signal is stable;
8) Black reaction block to avoid background noise.
9) Adopt the same acquisition optical path to improve the repeatability.
10) LED light source has the advantage of energy saving, environmental protection, long service life and maintenance free.
11) The electromagnetic lock cover technology prevents the hot lid from accidentally opening.
12) Front shutdown button makes file data more secure.
13) Constant current control circuit makes power output smooth and extends Peltier life, also improves temperature control accuracy
14) It has the protection functions of over-current, over temperature, power-off data self recovery, etc.
15) Forward and backward air vent design, can be placed side by side, saving laboratory space.
16) It can be supported for battery power supply, suitable for quick inspection and field inspection.


8. DTC-4 PCR Gene Amplification Detection System for DNA analysis


   1. High reliability.
  2. Long life-span
  3. Operating easy.         
  4. Non volatile memory.
  5.  Powerful software features.


This produce was developed for detecting DNA/RNA, diagnosis of diseases or gene-anlysis through PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) in Lab.

9. Laboratory Analysis System Fluorescent Time Setting In Situ Hybridization Instrument for DNA Denaturation Test 12 SlidesSH2000

SH2000 Hybridization Instrument can be setting constant temperature, time and etc. Instead of manual operation experiment, the accuracy of experiment is higher and result is more reliable than traditional manual experiment. Hybridization and degeneration can be operated at same time, which reduces experimental procedure and improves efficiency and accuracy of operation.


1. This instrument is adopted FISH processing step, which can reduce a lot of manual operating time and avoid the damage of harmful reagent.
2. Full touch screen operation, friendly human interface.
3. Support restart functionality runs an unexpected power outage, when power is restored can be scheduled to automatically back up and running.
4. Supporting automatic cooling function after running over.
5. Supporting automatic warm-up function.
6. Platform high precision of temperature control, low fluctuation.
7. Can deal with 12 slides.
8. Support 105 custom programs stored functions.
9. Three operation modes: denaturation & hybridization, Hybridization, multiple-step operation.


10. Laboratory Isocratic Thermal Cycler PCR Detector Gene Laboratory Equipment PCR Machine 0.2ml PCR Tube/PCR Plate/96-Well Plate

Key Features

• Reliable heating/cooling elements and precise temperature control
• Unique design of block ensures the temperature uniformity and repeatable results
• 7 inch Large color touch panel screen for easy programming with user friendly software
• High performance DSP and temperature control
• Fast heating and cooling rate
• Large user program storage

Used in genetic testing, molecular cloning, genotyping, mutagenesis.


11. Hot Selling Horizontal Electrophoresis Tank for Test DNA/RNA Cell

  • Fast electrophoresis running speed, the whole process can be finished within 15mins.
  • 96 sample detection in one time
  • Adding the sample quickly, suitable for the multi-channel pipettes. Auto-switch-off when the lid is removed.

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